“LT123 has worked with us on assessment and publishing projects for a number of years. Their teams of writers, editors and reviewers are highly expert and insightful, and projects are managed professionally and efficiently.”

David Booth
Director Test Development
Pearson English


Publishers of English language learning and teaching courses have a growing need for diverse, high-quality assessments in their products. Valid and reliable assessment is an integral part of efficient educational processes. Whether in print or digital format, tests are vital for checking understanding and measuring progress.

LT123 helps publishers with assessment design and the provision of test items for placement, formative purposes within learning activities, and for measuring end-of-course progress.

Language Schools

Placing learners at the correct level is essential for all language schools. Moreover, accurately measuring progress prevents students from being left behind.

LT123 works with language schools to create placement and progress tests that are quick yet precise. We also provide expert consultation to improve existing testing systems.

Higher Education

Most HEIs have English language requirements for entry, placement in language support classes and graduation.

Developing, maintaining and administering these tests can be a significant drain on resources – this is where we step in. We work with HEIs to quickly identify their assessment needs and design the best cost-effective solutions.

Ministries of education

The English language ability of students is a key output for many education systems. Many ministries set specific CEFR levels for the end of primary and secondary education. LT123 has worked with various ministries of education to audit and evaluate their assessment systems and implement improvements. Our services cover:

  • Evaluation of current assessment frameworks and curricula
  • Evaluation of current teacher training provision
  • Reports and recommendations for change
  • Provision of outlines, samples and specifications for new tests and courses
  • Drafting of new syllabi and curricula

Corporate Trainers

Investing in training ensures employees develop the right skills to succeed. As English language capability is a key competence for many organisations, especially those working with an international clientele, accurate testing is essential.

LT123 can aid your training department with quality assessment tools to screen applicants effectively and test trainees’ progress on external or in-house courses.

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