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LT123 Test Editing Course

This self-access course introduces test materials writers and editors to the fundamentals of editing English language assessment materials.

About the course

English language assessment specialists have developed this introductory self-access course to teach you how to prepare for and undertake the editing of reading and listening tasks.

Learn what successful editors must consider when evaluating topics and giving feedback to item writers, before testing your new skills with practical activities.

Course outcomes

Gain an understanding of the fundamentals required to edit English language test items successfully and efficiently.

How the course is taught

  • Reading and support resources – a glossary and editor’s checklist
  • Practice activities
  • Quizzes
  • Opportunities for reflection
  • Practical tasks to put key considerations into practice

Language Level: C1 

Minimum age: 21

Location: online course hosted on a secure learning platform

Course dates: on-demand

Course length: approximately 10 hours in total – accessible for 3 months

Course fees

+ tax where applicable

Course Sections

  1. The editor’s role during test production
  2. Preparation for editing
  3. The editing process:
    1. Key considerations in evaluating topics
    2. Editing reading texts and listening scripts
    3. Editing tasks and answer keys
  4. Giving effective feedback to item writers
  5. Putting it into practice – edit and write feedback on sample tasks before comparing notes written by an experienced editor

Course content

Unit 1

Introduction to assessment editing
  • Overview
  • The editor’s role
  • The editor’s place in the test production process
  • Similar roles in the test production process
  • What makes a good editor

Unit 2

Preparation for editing

Documentation that an editor will need to familiarize themselves with:

  • Briefing documents
  • Guidelines
  • Word and structure lists
  • Trackers
  • Templates

Unit 3

The editing process itself (sub-divided into 3 lessons as below):

Unit 3.1 Editing topics

  • Checking for inappropriate topics
  • Sensitive topics
  • Inappropriate topics for test takers
  • Dating of topics
  • Topic treatment

Unit 3.2 Editing texts and audioscripts

  • Checking text or audioscript
  • Editing an audioscript
  • Checking language level
  • Tools for checking language level

Unit 3.3 Editing items, tasks and keys

  • Editing test items
  • Task-level issues
  • Productive item keys
  • Non-productive item keys and distractors

Unit 4

Feedback for writers
  • Fundamental principles
  • Improving feedback
  • Writing feedback

Unit 5

Putting it into practice
  • A series of tasks to edit and write feedback on
  • Suggestions for further development

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