LT123 is an independent organisation which works with a variety of clients including language schools, Ministries of Education, large publishing houses, assessment boards and universities.

Our consulting services cover:

  • evaluation of current assessment frameworks and curricula
  • evaluation of current teacher training provision
  • reports and recommendations for change
  • provision of outlines, samples and specifications for new tests and courses
  • drafting of new syllabi and curricula

How we work

LT123 has a core team of ELT experts and dedicated project managers. Our experienced and focused approach means that we can provide highly effective consultancy.

According to the needs of each project, we can provide experts in teacher education, assessment literacy, test validation and so on.

  • Through LT123’s expertise, we were able to turn our vision into a product that worked.

    Andy Johnson
    London School of English
  • LT123’s adaptability and practical realism – maintaining the all-important balance between ambitious timeframes and not over-promising – is one of the reasons that, at the end of a demanding three-year programme, the client was satisfied and Cambridge University Press continues to expand its work within the region.

    Lewis Birchon
    Cambridge University Press