Simplicity and focus

Our expert consultants oversee all aspects of projects. Our hub-based structure enables us to operate multiple projects of any size, simultaneously, and with a high level of quality assurance from concept to implementation.


We offer unrivalled expertise. Our consultants, writers, editors and project managers are some of the most experienced in their field. Professional judgement and peer review are both central to how we work. We are up to date with current thinking and latest research.

Project management

Successful projects depend on creative and intelligent thinking. Our experienced project managers lead tightly organised specialist teams and provide a single point of contact for our clients.

We have designed our content management system which comprises an authoring/editing/review tool, an item bank, an asset repository and a project management system. The system set-up is bespoke for each project.


Quality assurance is at the heart of all our processes. Our standard procedures are based on recognised best practice in the industry and ensure quality and security.

The content management system we have developed embeds version control and ensures audit trails are clear, visible and secure. Rigorous review and sign-off checks, when materials are reviewed by peers and lead specialists before being taken forward, are embedded at key points throughout all development and production.