In the 30+ years that I have worked in the education sector I have experienced dramatic changes in the approaches to what education is, its role in societies and the ways in which it is delivered. I am always aware that changes are going to continue to impact learning, training and testing.

Many important things, however, remain constant. At LT123, we focus our considerable expertise on the importance of meaningful engagement of learners, trainers and teachers. We know that without a strong and precisely defined set of purposes effective learning or assessment is unlikely to occur.

Our teams consist of specialists in assessment, communication, education and publishing, including successful authors and established freelance consultants.

Our project managers, editors, proofreaders, graphic designers and marketing specialists all have extensive and proven experience. We engage sound engineers, camera crew, directors, actors, artists, illustrators, picture researchers and technical editors to create the highest quality audio-visual asset material.

We would be delighted to discuss your project needs with you and explore how we can help you to achieve your aims.

Russell Whitehead
Managing Director, LT123

Our clients

British Council Cambridge English Engage Learning Collins Cambridge University Press ELGazette Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press Macmillan English Corpus NILE Pearson Education Richmond ELT Trinity College London